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Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Empowerment - Public Safety
The neighborhood of :
Ventura Canyon Leadwell Street Wyandotte Ave Allott Ave Cantlay Street Valerio Street
Bordered on the West by Woodman - Bordered on the South by Sherman Way - Bordered on the North by Valerio Street
Van Nuys California 91405.

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Neighborhood Watch Program city of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Neighborhood Watch Network

  Saturday, May 30, 2015

The neighborhood is watching out for criminal activities and MORE.
  Today we need our neighbors more so then we did a year ago.  
  Our neighbors can look out for us even is we are not at home.
They can help us when we are at home and a natural disaster strikes.  

We will hold our next neighborhood watch meeting Saturday: September 17, 2011 @ 2 pm.

Leave it in your car and loose it.
Mission Statement
LAPD ON-LINE -Van Nuys-  

Family / Individual preparedness

Police Stations   Community / Neighborhood preparedness
Megan's Law - Office of Attorney General   Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Site
Senior Lead Officer
Trent Berry
(818) 731-2556
  Council Member
Second Council district
6350 Laurel Canyon Blvd., #201
North Hollywood, Ca 91606
Van Nuys
Crime Stats

We need help from the Mayor's office and the city Council .
The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has ignored our
neighbors requests for many years now and it is about time we have safer streets.
Our neighborhood has been ignored by the City of Los Angeles for far too long.
Leadwell Street has not been re-surfaced in more then 15 years.

We need Speed Bumps because we have no side walks.
Because of all the short cut traffic in our neighborhood, we need a
Residence entrance only from Sherman Way onto Allott St.


The Next neighborhood watch meeting will be held.

September 17

This Site is Under Construction
Here it is May of 2011 and we are glad the the City Street Maintance has
Finally re-paved some of the bad streets in our neighborhood.
A better looking leadwell street
Our THANKS go out the the City of Los Angeles for getting the street Fixed.
See the picture below from 2008 to see the improvement!

It seems that every Wednesday, which is trash day here in our neighborhood
We have people going thru our trash at all hours of the day and night.
You can hear the clanking of glass bottles and aluminum can at all hours.
As you can see in the not so good picture below, that this individual has stolen a
shopping cart from one of the local markets.
When the City of Los Angeles started the recycling program, it was going to
reduce the cost of our Sanitation services with the revenue it would generate.
We have seen this same problem all around our area and we do not know what
should be done. The city is almost out of funds.
Our Trash is not Safe

The vacancy rate in our neighborhood is getting worse and it sure would be nice if
Our Local, City, State and Federal Government would send some help our way,
instead of bailing out the financial institutions that put us here in the last place.

Here it is July 21, 2008 and the City of Los Angeles has finally started work
on our blighted community.  We would like to thank our neighbors who
spent many hours on the phone and in meeting with our Council Member
and The Van Nuys Neighborhood Council.  A job well done, but it is not
done yet?  There are still small piles of wood debris and some type of
fence need to be put in place.
Be glad your not the property owner, their bill is going to be very high!
How about a small city park on this property?

Valerio Street Mess  Blighted Valerio Street

With the current down turn in the economy and housing market, our neighborhood
has condominium projects that has been halted in mid destruction. The contractor
has apparently ran out of money and in their wake we have piles of old
apartments sitting as an eye sore for all to see.
Mess on Leadwell Street Van Nuys   Blighted Construction on Leadwell Street Van Nuys
Can you picture looking out your window to this !!!
The condominium association
on Valerio Street had a meeting with Council Member Wendy Greuel in January of
this year and the property owners on Leadwell Street have filed complaints
with the appropriate City of Los Angeles Government Agencies. The City attorney's
office met with us at the December 2007 simi-annual Basic Car meeting.
These Piles have been here over 6 months on Valerio Street   Broken windows in Van Nuys

We Still have a problem as you can see from the pictures.
View from apartment window for 6 months in Van Nuys
The Apartment owners are having problems with potential renters.
This construction project is an eye sore and it is attracting rodents and stray cats.

The Los Angeles Department of Street Services has ignored our
neighbors requests for many years now and it is about time we have safer streets.
Our neighborhood has been ignored by the City of Los Angeles for far too long.
We need our streets repaired in Van Nuys in the City of Los Angeles We need our streets repaired in Van Nuys in the City of Los Angeles
Leadwell Street has not been re-surfaced in more then 15 years.
October 28, 2007 Sunday Morning @ 12:10 am was yet another scene of the LAPD's
continuing battle with the neighborhood gang problem. 
The LAPD had 5 squad cars and 10 of LAPD's finest Officers on the streets at Cantlay
and Allott.  Their Guns drawn as they took gang members into custody.
(See pictures below for a look at that intersection)
Our Thanks go out to the neighbors who called 911 and sent emails.

October 4, 2007 @ 1:30 pm was the scene of 75 Swat officer from the LAPD
as they convened on the gang apartment in the 13600 block Wyandott Ave.
  The operation was swift and no shot were fired as they searched for guns and
illegal contraband items.
The LAPD has increased it's operations in this area and will continue to do so until
they can clean up this area.
This area has seen an increase in graffiti and drug dealing in the last couple of months.

During the early hours of the morning on Sunday August 19,2007 at 5:50 AM
a car going south on Allott shot 8 to 10 .223 caliber bullets.
The LAPD arrived on the scene within 5 minutes of my call and
shut down the street while they collected spent bullet casings.
We need more police in our neighborhood.
shots fired 8-19-07   neighborhood watch pictures
neighborhood watch pictures
During the Late Afternoon of July 25, 2007 on Allott Avenue near Sherman Way,
our neighborhood had a Violence stabbing.
  Two men were arrested for stabbing a woman in her apartment.
We are awaiting more information.
neighborhood watch pictures   neighborhood watch pictures
July 20, 2007
It looks like our Graffiti taggers are back and by the looks of it, according
to Suzie we might be having a gang turf war in our neighborhood.
Please keep your eyes open and be ready to make a call to 911.
neighborhood watch pictures   neighborhood watch pictures
neighborhood watch pictures   neighborhood watch pictures
July 5, 2007
It has been 2 years since the neighborhood's
passed around the petition for speed bumps.
We didn't get the speed bumps, but we got
a double line and a speed limit sign
at the intersection of Wyandotte and Allott.
  New Double line
New Center Line could help prevent accidents and slow down the traffic.   What's that Sign.
Neighborhood watch spoken here.   - Got Neighbors -
We need to hear from you!
Join you Local Neighborhood Watch.
We need your help.
more from our archives   Got Pictures of
our Neighborhood Problems?
Email them to us along with a short
description and we will put them here.

(if available)
the issues of our community
Trash Service
  Abandoned cars
street service
  Speed bumps in our neighborhood will slow down the
cars and make our streets safer.
Abandoned vehicles
  Leadwell Street has not been re paved in over 20
years and is falling apart.
  The Car thief's are still dumping cars
on Allott and Wyandotte.
We need to step up the watch on this street.
  Cars racing in the LA wash
access road after midnight
on the East Side
of our Neighborhood
The neighbor is making
too much noise.
  Neighbor dog defecates (dumps) on your yard.
Special pick-up for big items
  Any Problems you have or see with the street gangs.
We need more LAPD
patrols in our neighborhood !

The month of December 2006 was not an easy one for
our neighborhood. We had on Officer Involved Shooting
which closed down Wyandotte Avenue as
a crime scene for 7 hours.

The month of February 2007 saw our first
landlord / tenant dispute that involved a firearm.
Could the watch have intervened to prevent this ???

The Month of April  on Friday the 13th.
saw our first barricaded suspect
holding a hostage on Cantlay Street. The LAPD
acted swiftly by closing Allott Ave.

On April 15, we were ordered by the LAPD to stay
in our homes as a car chase went thru our neighborhood
4 times.

Our Hearts go out to the Los Angeles Police Department for their loss
of a fine Veteran SWAT officer this past week. (February 7,2008 just after 1 a.m.)
God Bless you Officer Randal Simmons for you have made the ultimate sacrifice.

A message from our Senior Lead Officer
Panorama City Basic Car Area 9A37
Senior Lead Officer Trent Berry
Cellular (Field) Telephone 818-731-2556
E-mail address: 27270@lapd.lacity.org

Crime Trends/Statistics

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is still our primary concern at this time
located in the northeastern part of the division. Most of the
incidents involving GTA, are taking place along Van Nuys Boulevard
between Arminta Street and Roscoe Boulevard. The majority of
these vehicles are being stolen during the late night hours while
most people are sleeping and unaware. Please be mindful of this
and properly secure your vehicle and avoid parking in isolated spots.

Finally, please continue to be mindful of not leaving valuables
in plain sight within your vehicle. This will help to reduce the
incidents of burglary theft from motor vehicle. Also, continue to
keep your residence secure when away from home.

I had two reported residential burglaries in the 8000 block of Woodman Avenue.
I have no suspect description to give, so continue to keep an
eye out and report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

Crime Prevention Tips

Let us watch out for one another as a community and be the "eyes and ears"
for your Police Department. Please report all suspicious activity
in your neighborhood. To combat auto theft crime, try to utilize
a theft deterrent device i.e.;
(steering wheel locks, alarms, etc.) to lower your chances of being victimized.

Neighborhood Watch News

If you are interested in becoming a Block Captain and starting a Neighborhood
Watch Program in your neighborhood,
please call the station at 818-374-1995 for further details.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

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